A comprehensive guide to Rust, specially crafted for PHP developers.

This video course covers everything you need to know to master Rust, from the basics of the language to full-fledged applications and libraries.

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The why

Why should you learn Rust? What makes it so special?

Rust isn't just another programming language. It actually brings a whole host of features and advantages to the table, compared to other languages.

Here's a list of a few things that make Rust special:

1. Memory Safety

Rust has a powerful ownership system that ensures memory safety at compile time. This means that you don't have to worry about potential memory leaks or using memory after it's been freed, as the compiler can catch these issues before you even run your code.

2. Zero-cost abstractions

In the PHP world, how you write your code can have an impact on how the code performs. For example, using a class for a single static method can be less performant than just using a regular function. Rust overcomes this problem by providing zero-cost abstractions. You won't pay a performance penalty for using a generic struct over a concrete one, for example.

3. Modern language, modern syntax, modern features

In the world of programming, Rust is still the new kid on the block. By looking at pitfalls of other languages, Rust has been able to learn from them and provide a modern language and avoid the same mistakes. Language features such as generics, pattern matching, tagged unions, just to name a few, are all incredibly powerful and available in Rust.

Beyond that?

Plenty of ecosystems, including PHP, have seen a rise in Rust's popularity.

Our cousins in the JavaScript world love building new tools in Rust. The performance and developer experience benefits that it brings to the table are a huge draw for developers.

Rust-based tools such as Tauri allow you to build desktop applications using web technologies. The NativePHP project is working on adding Tauri support — having solid Rust skills will most definitely increase your chance of success with these tools.

Want to write a PHP extension but don't want to faff around with boring ol' C? You can use Rust, thanks to some excellent packages and libraries from members of both communities!

The what

Have I piqued your interest? Let's take a closer look at what you'll learn in this course. *

Introduction An introduction to the course, setting the foundation for the rest of the modules.
  1. What is Rust?
  2. Installing Rust
  3. Creating your first project
The Basics Covers the very basics of the language, including primitive types, variables, control flow and more.
  1. Variables & Mutability
  2. References
  3. Numeric Data Types
  4. The "unit" type
  5. Strings and characters
  6. String vs &str
  7. Arrays
  8. Slices
  9. Tuples
  10. Vectors
  11. Control Flow
Functions Functions are the building blocks of any application. This module covers how to define them and use them.
  1. Defining a function
  2. Implicit vs explicit returns
  3. Closures
Custom Data Structures Variables are great, but sometimes you want to structure data in a more meaningful way.
  1. Structs
  2. Enumerations
  3. Tagged Unions
  4. Methods
Generics Generics are a powerful feature of Rust that allow you to write code that can be used with multiple types.
  1. What are generics?
  2. Generic functions
  3. Generic structs and enums
Null Safety & Error Handling Rust has a unique approach to handling optional values and errors. This module takes a deep-dive into how it all works.
  1. Optional values
  2. Option vs null
  3. Result types
  4. Error propagation
  5. Error values vs exceptions
Pattern Matching A special language feature that lets you match against the structure of types.
  1. Matching values
  2. Matching structs and enums
  3. Matching ranges
  4. Bindings
  5. if..let and while..let expressions
  6. let..else expressions
Traits A common confusion point for developers new to Rust, traits are a powerful feature that allow you to abstract common behaviour away from concrete types.
  1. Composition vs Inheritance
  2. Writing your first trait
  3. Type-hinting traits
  4. Traits in the standard library
  5. Downcasting
Ownership and Lifetimes Now that you've nailed the basics, let's take a deep dive into Rust's memory management, ownership, and lifetime system.
  1. What even is memory?
  2. Traditional, manual memory management
  3. Garbage collection in PHP
  4. Ownership
  5. Lifetimes
Modules and Code Separation You don't want to write all of your code in a single file.
  1. Your first module
  2. Visibility
  3. Inline modules
Macros A powerful feature that allows you to write code that writes code.
  1. Metaprogramming 101
  2. First-party macros
  3. Declarative macros vs procedural macros
  4. Implement your own println! macro
Testing Testing is a first-party feature of Rust, and is built right into the language.
  1. Unit testing
  2. Integration tests
Package Management Hand-rolling your own solutions isn't always the best idea. This module covers how to use Cargo to install and manage third-party dependencies.
  1. What is a "crate"?
  2. Installing crates with Cargo
  3. What are "features"?

* Course modules are still under development and subject to change. New modules will be added over time.


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You get:

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  • Access to all future module & content updates
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